Camping Ministry


Video games, TV shows, movies, Facebook, and so many other things compete for the minds of our youths.  One of the most effective tools in getting our youth to see the importance of fully surrendering to God has been to remove them from these distractions and inundate them with the Bible.  
This is where the camping ministry comes into place.  Each summer the boys and the girls in the youth department take separate camping trips Up North.  During this time they do their own personal devotions, memorize scripture, are given solid & practical Bible preaching, sing around the camp fire, and give testimonies.  
Each year testimony after testimony is given about how much God has worked in our teenagers' lives.  There is no question about it:  this is without a doubt the most life-changing event our teens engage in throughout the year!
Of course, no camping trip is complete without a bit of fun...OK...lots of fun.  The fun is endless really:  climbing sand dunes, playing sports, canoeing down a river, tubing down the same river, tubing behind a boat, taking a bike ride, and lots more.  Our teens have so much fun that at the end of the week, they are sick of having fun!